The exact time of the start of the next, 12th season of LoL, frames for ranked games and more

What is known about rankeds in the upcoming season?

A few days ago, Riot Games informed players that soon there will be a broadcast that will discuss content for the upcoming season. The day the stream will take place is also the first day of Season 12.

Due to the fact that the first update of the next season goes to the servers on January 5, i.e. today, employees also shared important information about the ranked queue. What exactly could the players learn?

Rankeds in 2022

Riot in the list of the upcoming update 12.1 shared information about the starting ranked season. Among other things, the exact opening time of the ranked queue on individual servers, the rewards for the first ranked split, changes to the loss of points, and new frames that are visible in the loading screen in the 2022 season have been revealed.

The Summoner’s Rift Ranked Season 2022 begins on Friday, January 7, 2022! Check the table below to see what time it starts in your region. All ranked accounts will receive a soft reset of 5 tiers for initial seeding. (For example, Gold I will become Silver II.)

Region & Local Major City Local Time PST Time
OC1 (Australia/Sydney) January 7, 04:00:01 AEDT January 6, 09:00:01 PST
JP1 (Asia/Tokyo) January 7, 04:00:01 JST January 6, 11:00:01 PST
KR (Asia/Seoul) January 7, 04:00:01 KST January 6, 11:00:01 PST
CN (Asia/Shanghai) January 7, 09:00:01 CST* January 6, 17:00:01 PST*
PH (Asia/Manila) January 7, 04:00:01 PST January 6, 12:00:01 PST
SG (Asia/Singapore) January 7, 04:00:01 +08 January 6, 12:00:01 PST
TW (Asia/Taipei) January 7, 04:00:01 CST January 6, 12:00:01 PST
TH (Asia/Bangkok) January 7, 04:00:01 +07 January 6, 13:00:01 PST
VN (Asia/Ho Chi Minh City) January 7, 04:00:01 +07 January 6, 13:00:01 PST
RU (Europe/Moscow) January 7, 04:00:01 MSK January 7, 17:00:01 PST
TR1 (Europe/Istanbul) January 7, 04:00:01 +03 January 7, 17:00:01 PST
EUN1 (Europe/Warsaw) January 7, 04:00:01 CET January 7, 19:00:01 PST
EUW1 (Europe/London) January 7, 04:00:01 GMT January 7, 20:00:01 PST
BR1 (America/São Paulo) January 7, 04:00:01 -03 January 7, 23:00:01 PST
LA2 (America/Buenos Aires) January 7, 04:00:01 -03 January 7, 23:00:01 PST
LA1 (America/Mexico City) January 7, 04:00:01 CST January 7, 02:00:01 PST
NA1 (America/Los Angeles) January 7, 04:00:01 PST January 7, 04:00:01 PST

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First Ranked Split Prizes:

  • Vex icon

  • Vex emotes

  • Champion – Vex
  • Eternals Capsule from the 1st Series


Below you can take a look at the graphics provided by Riot, which show the frames that correspond to each of the ranks.

Score loss changes in the highest tiers

In the description of news related to the next ranking season, you can also find information about losing LP in higher ranks.

 Decay rules for the Apex tiers (a.k.a. Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger) are changing in Season 2022. These changes are intended to correct misplacements and improve the matchmaking experience. (Note that these only apply to Apex tiers. Diamond decay rules are not changing this season.) 

  • Banked days for Apex players 10 days  14 days
  • Decay rate 250 LP per day  75 LP per day
  • Apex decay floor Diamond I  Diamond II