New Crystal Rose and Withered Rose skins in LoL: Elise, Janna, Akshan. What do they look like?

The Crystal and Withered Rose series will return to League of Legends.

The developers announced that new skins from the series that appeared last year will be added to LoL. Crystal Rose and Withered Rose are a line of double-themed skins – Crystal (white and pastel skins) and Withered Rose (darker skins).

The series first launched in February 2021 and was somewhat of a replacement for the Valentine skins that usually came out around this period. In 2022, the rose theme will return. Which heroes will get these themed skins?

New Crystal Rose and Withered Rose skins

New skins from the aforementioned series with a rose theme have appeared on the test server. Skins will go to three heroes: Akshan, Janna and Elise. This is how they look in the game:

Crystal Rose Akshan


Crystal Rose Janna


Withered Rose Elise


Last year, the skins from the series presented above did not have any additions in the form of icons, frames, or emotes. This year, no such content has been added to the test server as well.