Rotating ARAM maps adjusted to the season? One of the players idea

One player proposed an interesting solution that would make ARAMs even more interesting.

Many players associate Howling Abyss with eternal snow and ice. No wonder, after all, Gregor himself – one of the shopkeepers on this map – explains it this way:

It is more than just a bridge. Maybe it was once just a thing of stone, but now it carries the weight of the entire Freljord.

But what would happen if the map known from ARAM changed depending on the season? One player felt that this idea could work really well.

Rotating map on ARAM

We’ve talked about different maps in ARAM many times. Players have asked Riot to introduce more versions of the look of the Freljord Bridge familiar to all players. Fans say that the creators have a lot of room to show off in this respect, especially since there are various bridges in the game universe that could serve as inspiration to create a new map for, for example, a certain mode.

One of the players – gravesenjoyer – proposed that ARAM could have a rotation in the appearance of the environment. What is it actually about? The appearance of the bridge would change depending on the season.

Imagine four aram skins rotating each season. Ixtal for the spring, Butchers Bridge in the summer, Shadow Isles in the autumn, and Howling Abyss in the Winter.

But no riot wants to do the bare minimum for aram a mode that many only play nowadays while not even fixing champs like ashe on the mode. It’s really a shame because you start to wonder what resources this billion dollar company is spending money on since the rotatating game modes suck

One of the coolest things I’ve seen in league was the volibear thing they did for aram. Why did they stop there? Expand on it.. so many awesome things that can be done

The topic of ARAM development and adding new skins to this mode returns regularly and you can see that many players would love to see rotating maps or cosmetic additions referring to current events.

The player’s idea above garnered a lot of ratings and comments. Over 14,000 people responded to it. Fans hope Riot will finally notice that the community likes ARAMs a lot, and would be happy if the developers gave them a little more love.