Riot will allow you to set your League of Legends profile to private mode. What will be possible to hide from others?

Riot will allow you to hide many statistics that can currently be viewed on the profiles of other players.

League of Legends is an online game that places great emphasis on competing with other players. The matches played are recorded in history on each profile, and the statistics of each game are added to the player’s overall summary.

However, not everyone liked the fact that everyone could have an insight into these statistics. An option has appeared on PBE servers that may satisfy these people. What is worth knowing about it?

Private profile in LoL

Players have been asking for a long time to be able to set their profile to private mode, which would hide most of the information about the account. On the test servers, an option has appeared in the profile options that perfectly meets the expectations of this part of the community.

Fans will be able to hide their ranks, game history, and past game statistics. In addition, the ability to watch matches will be disabled. Summoner name, icon, and level will always be public.

So the option allows you to hide anything that could potentially make some players uncomfortable. Mike10577913 says:

After all, I will not be challenged for my mastery points.

There is also the question of third parties, such as the popular What about them? According to the Juani52643376 user, a private profile will not allow you to see statistics even on websites.

I’m not sure, but seems to require the profile to be public. At least that’s how it works in Overwatch.

The novelty arouses a lot of controversy among commenters. Many are excited to hear that their profile can now be hidden, while others point out that people who lose games on purpose will be able to hide successfully until it is too late.

At the moment, it is difficult to judge how the solution will affect the gameplay in League of Legends. This is definitely another step taken by Riot to minimize in-game toxicity.