Riot wanted to release a football-related game mode in LoL? What are the developers currently working on?

Information has emerged about the new game modes that Riot has been working on. What is known about them?

League of Legends has seen a wide variety of game modes over the years. Recently, several of them have been repeated, which does not please a large part of the community. Players believe that the constant recurrence of URF or One for All is already boring and the developers should introduce some breath of fresh air.

It turns out that Riot was working on some innovations, but dropped one of them. What it was related to may surprise a lot of people, as the theme doesn’t necessarily fit League of Legends.

New game modes in League of Legends

A well-known creator associated with League of Legends, who goes by the pseudonym SkinSpotlights, wrote that Riot has worked on a soccer-related game mode in the past. This sounds incredibly interesting, but unfortunately, there is not much information about it.

If you want to talk about Wild Rift game modes other than ARURF/URF, it looks like they were going to add a derpy football game mode for the World Cup last month but then scrapped it. Unsure how it would have played out can only see some references to it but can’t load it.

This is not the end of the information shared by SkinSpotlights. In another post, the author revealed that the developers are currently working on a new mode.

Looks like Riot are working on a new game mode that will take place on the NexusBlitz map.

For now, it’s unclear what this could mean. Quite a few people, however, are already happy with the mere information that there will be some news on the map from Nexus Blitz.