Riot sells pillows featuring LoL characters. Players from this region can sleep with their favorite Star Guardian

LoL players from other regions are surprised by the new merch in Korea. The so-called “human pillows”.

There are many different communities on the internet. Some people like crime programs and listening to podcasts, while others prefer to watch anime. They are often sexualized quite strongly, so the content of the fan accessories can be really weird.

One of them is the length of an average human body. Usually, figures are drawn on them with or without different costumes. This time, Riot decided to make use of such an idea and the characters they have created. So players can hug Star Guardian Zoe, Kai’Sa, Ahri, or Akali of human size.

Star Guardian pillows

Riot Games Korea showed new merch on its official Instagram profile. It turns out that they decided to release Star Guardian pillows.

Riot Games

Not much is known about the whole thing. The creators presented a new collection of pillows and phone cases but did not provide any links to the site or even sizes and prices. What is certain is that they are unlikely to be available in Europe and the action was aimed mainly at players from Korea.