Riot changed their mind about Bel’Veth. This is not a character that has been announced for a long time

It turns out Bel’Veth was originally meant to be some kind of a monster, but Riot has changed their mind.

LoL players have been asking for heroes who will be typical creatures/monsters for a long time. Riot complied with that request or at least wanted to do so. Bel’Veth was originally intended to be a “human monster”, but in the process of creating it, it was revealed that Riot focused more on the less human side of the character.

The result is a creature that has little to do with humans. It turns out, however, that this is not the heroine Riot talked about so much. The real creature will not show up until 2023.

Bel’Veth was supposed to be different

One of the Rioters tells about the situation with Bel’Veth, who explains that a typical creature will probably appear in 2023 – all because the developers want to release more polished characters.

Is this a good approach? The players themselves are not convinced. It is known that Bel’Veth herself was delayed, now there is more information that other heroes may also be affected by this.

Riot has already shown two films from the Bel’Veth gameplay. These are official materials that anyone can find on the official, slightly hidden YouTube channels.