Qiyana’s serious bug in LoL made the heroine OP in the higher divisions

A bug that has been in League for a few months makes the heroine break the 58% win rate.

Bugs aren’t something hard to come across in League of Legends. Players’ posts about what they have discovered appear regularly on the web. The problems are also often so serious that they directly affect how strong the chosen hero can be.

This time it was Qiyana who is able to deal more damage thanks to a bug. As a result, the heroine is OP in higher divisions, and her win rate is over 58% there.

What’s the bug?

The bug is related to one of the relatively new runes – First Strik, which entered League of Legends at the beginning of the last preseason. It allows you to deal additional damage and gain gold when an enemy attacks. In the case of Qiyana, additional damage can double, which significantly increases the heroine’s potential.

The jump in the win rate can be seen mainly in the higher divisions, where it exceeds even 58%.

Interestingly, the problem was discovered in preseason, when the rune was added to League. The SpongySeacucumber user published a post over 6 months ago informing the community about the existence of a bug.

I was watching a friend play qiyana and noticed that they managed to apply their passive on an enemy they weren’t hitting after proccing first strike on them and picking up a new element. I went to test it in the practice tool and surely enough, If you pick up a second element but don’t throw the second q straight away, first strike applies qiyana passive but doesn’t mark the target for that element, so you can then go on to apply the element a third time between two elements.

It’s buggy and highly exploitative so hopefully riot remove it ( especially if its contributing to qiyana overperforming well in mid lane )

One fan posted a video showing the difference between the damage done without the bug and with it.


Qiyana must acquire the element and then wait until her W has no cooldown. First Strike cannot be on cooldown. Then, you need to attack your opponent with Q while using W while the first ability hasn’t hit the opponent yet. This way you can use the bug to deal additional damage to your opponent.

Riot will most likely address the problem soon and issue a fix. The champion’s win rate in higher ranks is incredibly high, and will likely increase with the number of players who find out about the bug.