Information on the next roadmap from League of Legends. What is known at the moment?

What can Riot tell us in the upcoming roadmap video?

Riot informs players about the heroes coming to League of Legends and the course of work on the reworked champions via the roadmap. At the moment, it is already known that the next roadmap will appear next month and will be in the form of a video.

In addition, it is to appear after Udyr’s rework. What will fans be able to find out?

Another roadmap

A new tank from Shurima

Following the release of Udyr, the next character will be a top lane tank from the new region of Shurima known as the Nazumah’s Pride. The hero is supposed to be durable, and his set of abilities is supposed to require a lot of skill from the player. Relatively little is known about the champion – according to the information provided by the leaker, Big Bad Bear is to be a large, muscular dark-skinned man, who has been compared to Doomfist from Overwatch, among others.

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol is a champion for which Riot tests a completely new type of rework – CGU. The update will focus on creating a completely new skill set without changing the hero model. It is not known when Aurelion Sol’s rework is scheduled to end, but according to what can be found on the web, it is predicted that it will be around early 2023.

Another hero – a monster

Riot is sure to start announcing new champions coming to League of Legends next year as well. One of them is the already announced real monster that will not change into a human. It will most likely make its way into the game after the Aurelion Sol update in early 2023 and will be a mid-lane assassin.