Mechanics from LoL that a lot of players have no idea about. Even Riot has spoken out

Tricks for individual heroes that you should know when playing them.

There are many heroes in League of Legends, and each of them has a set of skills unique to them. Some of them are less and some are more complex, which means that mastering some of the characters may require a bit more time.

The characters have quite a few hidden mechanics, the discovery of which may involve many hours spent in gameplay or watching other players who are more familiar with their chosen champion. What could be learned from one of the more popular threads about such mysteries associated with selected skill sets?

Curiosities of individual heroes

Many heroes have secrets that can be discovered by playing them or simply seeking advice from players more familiar with them. What tips have some of them decided to share?

Eahrratim wrote that Ryze’s ultimate will not transport a player who retreats to the base, even if he is within range of the ability. This curiosity may come in handy in some situations where it becomes apparent at the last minute that initiating a fight is not the best idea.

In the comments, you can also find a statement from Rioter, who also had some tidbits for players and advice for selected heroes. He wrote that they are probably not so unknown, but nevertheless interesting to experiment with.

  • You can hide Renata Glascs’s Q animation in her E; E and immediately Qing will make her Q animation harder to see.
  • You can use Flash to redirect Renata Glasc’s ultimate by executing ult and immediately pressing Flash. This can also be done with other champions with cast times on their abilities, such as Qiyanas ult, Pyke’s Q or Gragas E (a more well known example). This is useful for hitting someone over a wall with very little reaction time.

  • Pykes E stun occurs when the shadow passes through a target. You can use Pyke’s ultimate and Flash to redirect the shadow by repositioning yourself with those abilities. These can also be chained by using Pyke E, Flash and R with precise timing to redirect the ability multiple times.
  • Orianna’s ball range is larger than her Q and E ranges. You can use this to keep the ball in a particular location to zone even if you move out of range to use your abilities. When the ball is out of Q range but still within leash range, you can use Q to move the ball if youre in range of the destination, even if the origin of the ball is out of range. This can be used to harass an out of range opponent, particularly one moving toward you.
  • Anivia’s Q has two instances of damage: Once it passes over the target, and once when it explodes or is detonated. Many new Anivia players will only hit the detonation damage. You can use this to proc spellshields and still land a stun. And, as mentioned elsewhere, Anivia’s R does damage when it’s re-activated so you can use it to last hit.

Greatestbird, meanwhile, shared a tip that will help Quinn players.

Quinn e flips the target. There are some cool interactions like forcing cass to ult the wrong way, talon vaulting the wrong way, and making graves miss autos. You can do it to like anything with a cast time in a direction, (tf q, Annie w, etc)

There was also a comment on Mordekaiser. The champion’s ultimate slows down the target for a split second, which can be used to hit with another skill. Using E and then R will make it impossible for the opponent to dodge the skill.

Of course, practically every champion has this type of tidbit. It’s impossible to list all the tips that fans have shared, and this is certainly only a percentage of what could be written on the subject. A great place to get to know a champion in detail would be the channels dedicated to selected heroes or Reddit, where you can find many dedicated mains.