LoL leaks reveal what Skarner’s ult will look like after the rework

A well-known leaker has shown the LoL community what a revamped Ult Skarner will look like.

Reworks in League of Legends are a great way to revamp older characters, giving them new life in a sense. Each such redesign is a huge breath of fresh air. So it’s no wonder that players are anticipating more information about each VGU.

Information about what Skarner’s new ult might look like has appeared online. What exactly will change? Will it differ strongly from what it is now?

A leak of Skarner’s new ultimate skill

Skarner appeared on Summoner’s Rift on August 9, 2011. It’s been a really long time since his release, and over the years the hero has received various changes. Unfortunately, they did not make the champion particularly popular. In fact, it can be said that Skarner is a niche character and does not have too many devoted fans.

Low interest in the hero translated into the number of skins issued for him. At one point, the champion could boast a rather unpleasant title of a character that has been waiting for a new skin for more than 2,000 days. Eventually, a new skin appeared.

Some time ago, Riot announced that Skarner would receive a rework. Various concept graphics were even published, which showed interesting ways to present the refreshed champion.

Concept graphics of the reworked Skarner

A well-known leaker in the League of Legends community – Big Bad Bear – has reported a leak about the super-skill of the revamped Skarner. The screen with the description of the ult looks as follows:

As you can see, the new version of this skill will work in a certain small area. In addition, the hero will be able to attack several enemies with it, instead of one, as is the case now.

Big Bad Bear notes that there will probably be counterplay for this, as the skill will probably be possible to be dodged.

It is worth noting that these are leaks, not 100% confirmed information. It is unknown whether the skill will hit the servers in this form. Things can still change.