Janna will experience some very big changes in Update 12.2. What exactly has Riot changed?

What did the League of Legends balancing team do with Janna’s skill set?

Janna is one of the most iconic characters to be found in the support position. Although the heroine was introduced to League of Legends a long time ago, she still enjoys relatively high popularity. Riot informed fans some time ago that they are working on Janna’s fixes.

These were postponed because the designers wanted the changes to be more polished and to meet certain expectations (Rioter announces that Janna’s changes have been postponed from LoL, but promises players more fixes). At the moment, it is already known what corrections the creators have prepared.

List of Janna’s amendments

Riot August has published on their profile a complete list of changes that are planned for the upcoming 12.2 update. This one is expected to appear on live servers on January 20, and fans interested in the fixes can now test them on the PBE.

New Janna list for 12.2 heading to PBE!

  • Empowering your shield with CC was missed, so we’re retaining a version of it.
  • Janna players didn’t seem to care about damage in Q, so we cut the damage buff to add power elsewhere
  • Added a couple QoL changes

Below you can find a complete list of the tweaks shared by Rioter.


  • Base stats
    • Movement speed increased from 315 to 330
    • AD increased from 46 + 1.5 per level to 52 + 3 per level
  • Q
    • Mana cost lowered from 60-140 to 60-100
    • Min range increased from 1000 to 1100
    • Mag range increased from 1750 to 1760
    • Travel duration lowered from 1.5 to 1.25 seconds

We’re investigating adding an indicator that will show allies where Janna’s Q will get to (we may not be able to do so).


  • Base stats
    • Basic attack range lowered from 550 to 500
  • Tailwind (P)
    • Janna now only gains 8% movement speed when she is moving towards an ally
    • REMOVED: Attacks and Janna’s W no longer deal bonus magic damage based on bonus movement speed

Balance changes

  • Zephyr (W)
    • Range changed from 550 (edge ​​to edge) to 650 (center to center)
    • Slow duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds
    • Cooldown increased from 8-6 to 12 seconds
    • Damage increased from 55-175 to 70-190
    • Passive movement speed increased from 6-10% to 8-12%
  • Eye of the Storm (E)
    • Cooldown reduced from 16-12 to 15-9 seconds
    • Time before shield begins to dissapear increased from 0.75 to 1.25 seconds
    • Shield value changed from 80-220 (+ 70% AP) to 80-200 (+ 65% AP)
    • Hitting an enemy champion with Crowd Control no longer refunds 20% of skill cooldowns, and increases Healing and Shield Granting power by 20% for 5 seconds
  • Monsoon (R)
    • Heal tick now happens every 0.25 seconds instead of every 0.5 (HP healed does not change)