In League of Legends Update 12.1, Akshan will be getting buffs connected to the new dragon

How will Akshan’s ability change? What exactly is Riot planning?

Pre-season update 11.23 has been released to League of Legends relatively recently, in which two new dragons were introduced – Hextech and Chemtech. Both of them have a significant influence on how to move around Summoner’s Rift. The Hextech map is characterized by portals, while Chemtech’s map is characterized by areas surrounded by fog, in which the heroes are invisible.

Camouflage is a mechanic found in many Hero sets. One of them belongs to a champion who has a relatively short period of experience on Summoner’s Rift. We are talking about Akshan, of course. The designers decided to make a slight change to the set of this hero so that he would better fit on the Chemtech map. What exactly has been changed?

Akshan changes in the next patch

A slightly revised version of Akshan’s W – Going Rogue has appeared on the PBE, which the creators of LoL are making changes to so that players can test them beforehand. The ability is divided into two parts – passive and active. In the context of this amendment, the second part of the ability will be relevant. Using W allows Akshan to be camouflaged. The Champion can then spot the tracks leading to the Scoundrels and gains movement speed and mana regeneration as he heads towards them.

Entering the area that can be found on the Chemtech map will now provide the hero with all the benefits associated with activating the W ability. Below, you can take a look at the full description of the skill that can be found on the test servers.

At the moment, it is not known about any other improvements planned for this champion. This should not significantly affect his win or ban ratio, but the current stats of the hero suggest that he should receive a nerf. The win rate reaches 53.59% with a pick rate of 4.61% and a ban rate of 15.04%. Akshan is at the top of the tier lists both as bot lane carry and overall.