“Hungry jungler” and “talented midlaner”. – Riot on LoL heroes coming this year

The developers have revealed new information about the mysterious characters that will join League of Legends this year.

There has been a lot of talk recently about a new Darkin. There were also mentions of another support who will be fire related. While a lot is already really known about these characters, two more seem incredibly mysterious. Until recently, it was not even known where they would come from or what they would be associated with.

The developers have decided to reveal some information about them. What is known about the upcoming jungler and midlaner?

The announcement of new LoL characters

Leaks have recently surfaced announcing which regions the latest League of Legends characters will come from (see: More League of Legends leaks. What regions will the newest heroes come from?).

Each region was also given a brief description. Two of them read as follows:

  • Noxus – Black Castle
  • Ionia – Tall house

It quickly turned out that the leaks were true, and the creators actually plan to release two heroes that are related to the castle and tall building theme.

Lexi “Riot Lexical” Gao, the lead producer for Champions, touched on the upcoming characters in the 2023 season video from League of Legends. Admittedly, the Rioter didn’t reveal much, but two graphics were displayed during her speech. One depicted a black castle, the other an unspecified tall building.

Somewhere on the horizon we also have a certain hungry jungler and an artistically gifted middle character waiting for us.

At the moment, however, it’s too early to talk about these topics, although we will certainly return to them in future announcements.

As you can see, both graphics perfectly match the content revealed in the leaks. It appears that the “hungry jungler” will be a champion coming from Noxus, and the “artistically talented character” will be a midlaner from Ionia. For now, it is difficult to say anything more about them. It remains to wait for further information from the creators.