How many LoL Prestige Points will you be able to earn from passes? When will the system be changed?

Until when will the current offer of a prestigious store be valid? When will the system change?

League of Legends passes and the rewards that can be earned from them are one of the main elements that motivate players. One of the most interesting things that can be obtained by completing missions and exchanging for tokens is Prestige Points. Along with the game passes, prestigious skins can be purchased by paying with this unique currency.

Riot has announced that the system will be undergoing changes in the coming year, which means that the upcoming passes will also look slightly different. One Rioter shares information about how many Prestige Points can still be earned through passes and when the system may change.

The last Prestige Points

The current pass did not appeal to the players. It was changed how tokens are awarded. Instead of getting points for winning or losing, the time spent in the game is counted.

However, the amount of prestige points that can be earned has not changed. You still get 25 points for completing the mission, and 100 can be obtained by exchanging 2,200 tokens.

Some time ago, fans were informed that the Prestige Points system will change. On December 9, the “Last Chance Prestige Store” was opened. You can find there many prestigious skins that were released on the occasion of events and those that could be purchased in the years 2020/2021 for points (Last Chance Prestige Store in LoL – what’s in it? Until when will it be open?).

This unique store will remain open until March 15, 2022, and players wonder how much time they have and whether they will be able to get the desired skins.

I had 50 from the worlds pass. I thought the debonair pass gave 50 so I could have 100. I thought I read it that way before I bought it. But I’ve done everything and only have 75. Did I read the pass and bundle wrong? What would be the cheapest way to get the last 25?

Worlds have always been a special event and for this reason, the developers have been giving players more content. Due to the fact that the only solution is to buy PP sets, commentators suggested waiting for the next pass. Rioter Ken_Adams_NSA also commented on the thread, informing that one more event will take place before the closing of the store.

There will be one more Pass before Prestige Points retire. It will have the same Prestige Point offerings as Debonair – 25 in Milestone Missions, 100 Prestige Point offering in Token Shop.

The employee also informed fans about when the prestige system would eventually change.

The passes will have a similar system until summer 2022 when we make some updates.

At the moment, it is not known how the developers plan to interfere with the passes. Rioter, however, assured fans that they still have the opportunity to get the desired skins. It is also unknown whether the developers plan to stay with the current token system.