Flash + TP is no longer the second most used Summoner Spell combo in LoL

It is known that Flash + Ignite is the most frequently chosen combination of Summoner Spells. The occupant of the second place is not that obvious.

Summoner Spells can be a key choice. Over the years, Flash + Ignite has been the most popular combination. Flash + Teleport tended to come second, mostly because of the top lane.

Now that is changing, and it’s also interesting that the highest win rates have completely different combinations. However, this is closely related to the fact that some of them are chosen by real connoisseurs. Flash + Barrier has the highest winrate, but less than 2% of people use them.

What overtook Flash + TP?

Flash + Heal jumped to second place. The difference between 2nd and 3rd place is exactly 1%.

Everything “returns to its place” when we take a closer look at matches above Platinum. There, however, Flash + TP still has a strong advantage. At lower ranks, this difference is much smaller.

Does it change anything in LoL itself? Rather not, people in Bronze, who most often choose Heal, are affecting the statistics the most.