Faker’s biggest competitor in LoL says goodbye to Riot’s game. Many still consider him to be TOP 1

Dopa leaves LoL. Unfortunately, compulsory military service has arrived.

There are many legends in the world of League of Legends. One of them is definitely Faker who plays professionally in one of the best teams in the world. He can also boast of a three-time victory in the largest tournament, i.e. in Worlds.

Next to him is Jeong “Apdo” Sang-gil, also known as Dopa. While he never won the World Cup, his gameplay is considered equal to the SKT T1’s star and sometimes even better. Unfortunately, players won’t see him for a long time.

Dopa leaves LoL

Typically, when pro players retire, they play ranked queue on streams. Dopa, on the other hand, is known mainly for his streams, because the career of an e-athlete was taken from him due to the ban for elo boosting, and then resigning from playing in teams.

For this reason, he focused mainly on streaming and playing ranked games. Additionally, he ran a YouTube channel that collected his interesting moments and was extremely popular. Now it is the end of his career and for the next few years, he will not be so active in public. All because of the compulsory military service that he must fulfill as a South Korean citizen.

Many viewers’ comments can be noticed under the latest video on Dopa’s official channel. They write that they will miss him, or to finish his service quickly and return to League of Legends in full health. However, it may not be that easy, and some people even believe that he will not come back. The truth will not be known until a few years.