Expectations vs reality in LoL. After a year of work, this was shown to players

A year ago, Riot announced huge changes in the subject of player profiles. It was supposed to be clearer, more effective, simply better.

A year ago, Riot explained with great commitment why player profiles require changes, how they will function and look. Player cards, as they were called then, were to be a breath of fresh air when it comes to the client and its functions.

A year has passed since those announcements, and players waited for the introduction of such pompously announced portraits. Sure, they needed some additional adjustments, but there was potential to it:

Expectations vs reality

After a year of work, it turned out that due to “various reasons”, this function was simply thrown into the garbage. No wonder the community immediately created memes about it:

In fact, players were promised extensive profiles, and in the end, it came out… It’s hard to even meaningfully describe. What happened on the way? Today, we can only guess that it was about customer-related limitations.

Riot’s only explanation of this came up a month ago. One of the employees in a short message, somewhere on his private Twitter, said that everything was announced first and then withdrawn.

No reasons were given, apparently, the functions of the portraits were to be developed, and it ended as it did.