Blitzcrank from LoL will be played in the upper lane and jungle? Interesting changes have hit the PBE

Interesting Blitzcrank changes have hit PBE servers. Will he be played in other roles now?

Blitzcrank is one of the oldest characters in League of Legends. He hit the game in September 2009, which means that he recently had his 13th year of life. Now in the 20th update of this season, the developers want to change him a bit.

A small redesign hitting his three skills has hit the test server: W, E, R. Fortunately or unluckily, the magic grab still remains the same.

Blitzcrank in the top lane?

Made in Piltover, the robot has spoiled a lot of blood for players and streamers, thanks to his powerful grab taking not only fragile shooters but also buffs in the jungle, as well as the junglers themselves. Now there is a chance that he will also take on this role.

On the test server, its changes have just appeared. If Riot’s decision does not change and everything goes their way, you can look forward to it as early as October 5. Here’s what they look like:

  • Base stats
    • base attack speed: 0.625 –> 0.65
    • attack speed ratio: 0.625 –> 0.7


  • W – Overdrive
    • attack speed: 30%-62% –> 40%-92%
    • mana cost: 75 –> 85
    • New Effect: “during this time, attacks deal 1% target max health as on-hit magic damage” No max damage cap. Also deals the bonus damage to turrets and buildings.
      • “deals an additional 60-180 (based on champion level, linear) magic damage to non-champions That includes turrets and buildings.


  • E – Power Fist
    • mana cost: 25 –> 40
    • damage: now also scales with +25% AP as physical damage
    • now deals an additional +150% tAD +125% AP as physical damage to non-champions That includes turrets and buildings


  • R – Static Field
    • maximum stacks on target at a time: 3 –> uncapped
    • passive damage AP scaling: 30% at all ranks –> 30% / 40% / 50%