Best character choice if you’re hopeless at LoL. You can have 0/4 every match

For sure everyone has a friend who can’t play to save his life, dies on the line in a hopeless way, chooses characters randomly.

Thanks to the statistics from the League, you can clearly see who is the best to choose when you have 0/4 in the 20th minute. It is not a guarantee of a win, but in terms of the numbers, even if you are doing bad, you will win over 40% of the matches.

Of course, it’s not amazing, but 40% is better than 20% – and that’s the difference between the best characters for “noobs” and the worst. This is a bit of a list of characters that can be attached to the team’s success.

Who to play if you or your buddies are hopeless?

The TOP 10 characters that win the most with a 4 elimination difference (i.e. 0/4 or 1/5) in the 20th minute are as follows:

How to understand? It is the first number that matters most. The higher it is, the greater the chances of winning. The second column is the normal winrate, the third is the difference between 0/4 in the 20th minute and the normal winrate.

Similarly, you can show characters that are a nightmarish choice, if 0/4 is familiar to you.

If you do not 0/4, but 0/2, it is best to choose:

And at the same time beware of:

So if you are rather weak, use Soraka, Rell, Sona. These three characters will suit people who are doing badly. You should still have a relatively high winrate.