Are you complaining about it at LoL? According to Riot, you are either bad or new and “learn over time”

Still, despite the corrections, this LoL element evokes great emotions, both among stagers and completely new people.

Everyone already knows exactly what objective bounties are, an element that was supposed to help balance League of Legends better. So far, it is undergoing changes every now and then, the last of which appeared just two days ago.

Riot has commented on the whole situation several times in the last few days, most of which went completely unnoticed. One thing is certain in all this, the creators will not withdraw from this idea. Instead, they have a few thoughts.

You don’t understand it? Oh well…

“AdamovitsM”, a Riot employee, mentioned in one of his responses that objective bounties are the biggest problem for two types of players:

  • The ones with low skills
  • New in LoL

Mainly because these awards have a strong “learning element”. As we read, the developers are sure that over time the community will learn new mechanics and appreciate them more.

Riot mentions what’s happening right now may be called something of a shock.


Will people get used to it? They have to, there is simply no other choice. Developers do not accept the possibility of withdrawing from this idea so far, so do not count on it.

Can you expect further fixes and changes? Of course. Riot itself is already pointing to areas where some major and minor fixes may appear.