A minor change to the League of Legends honor system that many players will enjoy

How has Riot improved one of the League of Legends systems?

The Honor system made its way to League of Legends as early as 2012, and from the very beginning allowed players to award other players who had participated in the same game. In patch 7.13, which went to LoL in June 2017, the system was rebuilt – among other things, the possibility of honoring the opponent was removed, and the ally reward system was significantly changed.

After the match ended, the player could only honor one ally, and the menu was much more prominent (you had to skip or select one player to continue). From the very beginning, many fans wanted one small detail, which finally hit the game with the last patch after many years. What exactly are we talking about?

An addition to the Honor system

Update 12.14 brought a lot of changes to League of Legends. Many of them were about heroes, but most likely the most important of them were dragons. Many players may have missed what was changed in the Honor system when reading the patch notes.

In many games, players declare to honor their allies after the action in which they impressed them. Until then, however, it was not possible to verify whether or not the honor was actually received from them. Patch 12.14 is about to change that.

You will now be able to see which teammates honored you if you hover over the honor icon at the end of game screen.

The system was designed to encourage players to be fair towards each other almost 10 years ago. Since then, Riot has introduced many improvements and rewards, such as orbs, crates, and cosmetic items. Recently, unique animations for returning to the base have been introduced.

Introduced in Update 12.14, it may be another element that aims to discourage toxic behavior by appreciating a friendly gesture from your allies.