A detailed description of Sivir’s rework, which will soon be included in League of Legends. What have the creators changed?

What is the full list of fixes for Sivir?

Players have just learned about the planned changes to Sivir, and the designers have already shared a detailed list of the initial changes that the heroine will receive. Riot has recently been giving a lot of attention to characters whose skill sets do not meet today’s standards.

A lot of champions have received a refreshed skillset, and the next one on the list is the one belonging to Sivir. What do the heroine’s corrections looks like?

Sivir’s mini-rework

RiotRayYonggi shared a detailed description of the update, which will soon be released on test servers, along with a list of changes.

Passive ability is now to be easier to feel and work better with attack speed, the utility of Q is to scale more smoothly throughout the game, bouncing W is to be a more reliable source of damage, changes to E are to make the heroine’s mana no longer dependent on it, and thanks to the ultimate’s tweak, the ability will be more useful to Sivir than her team.

Base stats

  • Mana lowered from 325 to 300
  • Mana per level reduced from 50 to 40
  • Base AD lowered from 63 to 58
  • AD per level increased from 3 to 3.3
  • Base HP lowered from 632 to 600
  • Attack speed per level increased from 1.6 to 2

Fleet of Foot (P)

  • Duration changed from 2 seconds to 2 seconds falling
  • Movement speed increased from 45-60 to 55-70

Boomerang Blade (Q)

  • Base damage changed from 35-95 to 15-115
  • AD converter lowered from 0.7-1.3 to 0.7
  • Cooldown increased from 7 to 12-10
  • Time required to cast lowered from 0.25 to 0.25-0 (scaling with attack speed)
  • Scales with a critical hit chance up to a maximum of 100% bonus damage
  • Cost lowered from 70-110 to 55-75
  • Projectile speed changed from 1350 to 1450 and 1200 on return

Ricochet (W)

  • Amount of empowered attacks increased from 3 to 4
  • Bonus attack speed 20-40%
  • The maximum number of bounces is now 7
  • An attack can now bounce on a target that has already been hit
  • AD converter lowered from 0.3-0.9 to 0.3
  • Bounce range increased from 450 to 500
  • Cost lowered from 75 to 75-55

Spell Shield (E)

  • Mana refund removed
  • Now heals Sivir for 0.6-0.8 AD + 0.5 AP
  • Activates Fleet of Foot
  • Cost increased from 0 to 40
  • Cooldown increased from 22-10 to 22-14

On the Hunt (R)

  • Bonus attack speed removed
  • Movement speed burst removed
  • Movement speed for Sivir and allies remains unchanged (20-30%)
  • Duration increased from 8 to 8-12 seconds
  • Refreshes when an ally kills a recently hit enemy
  • Basic attacks while her ultimate lasts reduces the cooldown of her basic abilities by 0.5 seconds