A critical bug on Orianna appeared at Worlds in LoL. The heroine was quickly disabled

Orianna thrown out of Worlds after this bug was discovered. Her ult hit in a different place than it should be.

The World Championship is the largest League of Legends tournament in the world. Everything has to be properly fine-tuned and balanced. For this reason, Riot specifically plans updates to best match the state of gameplay to Worlds.

However, sometimes mistakes happen, not just in the game, but right at the tournament. The players of two teams in the group stage, GAM Esports and Rogue, found out about this.

Orianna turned off at Worlds

Probably every Riot’s MOBA player has learned firsthand that the game is not free of bugs. Sometimes there are those more or less significant, and some can even determine the fate of the match. This time it fell on Worlds, hence the great outrage of the community.

A strange action happened in the group stage match between GAM Esports and Rogue. Orianna controlled by Emil ‘Larssen’ Larssen let the ball go straight at Viktor, who was played by Đặng ‘Kati’ Thanh Phê. However, the pulling animation appeared on the heroine, but hit a distant opponent.


After all, this one has already been fixed on the official servers, so you won’t see this bug in the game. For this, players can rest assured. On the other hand, she still remains inactive at Worlds.

At this point, it is not known when it will be fixed and put into the hands of pros. For regular servers, hotfixes are the norm, but at Worlds, it is not so easy. For the moment, fans are left to wait for an official announcement.