A change that frustrates LoL players. Which removed feature causes a lot of problems?

What feature was removed from the LoL client? The application must be closed to be able to do anything.

League of Legends is a game that is constantly changing. Most of the changes concern gameplay and its balance, but sometimes LoL also includes fixes that are related to, for example, the client. Most of the changes are intended to improve the player experience and make navigating the application easier and smoother.

Recently, fans have noticed that one feature has disappeared from the client, which upset those who noticed it. What is this about?

What has Riot removed?

Most LoL players have certainly encountered a problem with loading the match result after the game at least once. On the scoreboard, you can, among other things, check the statistics, view the summary of the match, or report players who behaved incorrectly in a given game.

Fans, however, had a button at their disposal that allowed them to skip waiting for statistics. It saved time when the game summary could not be loaded. As reported by Monstrous Yi – a popular LoL player who shares with his followers news from the world of the MOBA, the button has disappeared.

They removed the “skip waiting for stats” button and now you have to restart the client twice. This is happening too often.

Unfortunately, when the loading is stuck, there is no possibility to skip the waiting and the only solution is to turn off the client and then restart it.

It is not known whether Riot deliberately removed the button, or whether its disappearance is only a side effect of the amendments made. The bug where the stats wouldn’t load has been in League for a long time. The commenters point out that Riot may have gotten rid of the skip waiting option because the loading itself has been improved. As you can see, the problem continues to be encountered by players.