4 free LoL skins for each player. Summoner’s Rift free capsule and changes

Riot confirmed earlier assumptions. Arcane skins will be free.

The subject of Arcane is getting really interesting. In each Riot’s production, special rewards or cosmetic items related to the series will be made available. It turns out that the skins in LoL will be free.

And that’s not all, Riot has prepared special prizes for watching the first episode. Everything is officially confirmed, so all that remains is to wait. What, how, and where?

Arcane in LoL

First, the skins. In total, four free skins have been prepared for:

  • Vi
  • Caitlyn
  • Jinx
  • Jayce

In addition, Riot will also add special touches to Summoner’s Rift. It looks like the map will change a lot, this may be the first change in a long time, typically when it comes to the visual layer.

Information about the skins are expected to appear up to a few days, at this point Riot only announces that they will be available for free. There are no details, these will appear soon. Let’s recall what the skins themselves look like:

Regarding the rewards for watching the first episode, Riot wrote it all himself:

Fans and players who tune-in to the Global Arcane Premiere broadcast on Twitch and will also have the opportunity to receive Twitch Drops of exclusive in-game items across Riot’s titles.

In order to receive your Drops, make sure your account is linked on the Connections page.”

To link your Riot account to your Twitch account, log in to Twitch, then go to Settings> Connection and use “Connect” next to Riot Games.

The prizes are as follows:

Game Reward
League of Legends Arcane Capsule
League of Legends: Wild Rift “A Single Tear” Emote
Teamfight Tactics Gizmos & Gadgets Little Legends Egg
Legends of Runeterra “Fascinating” Emote
VALORANT “Fishbones” Gun Buddy

The first episode can also be watched on the official website – When will the premiere take place? Riot has released a countdown timer on the site. According to it, the first episode will be broadcast on November 7 at 7:00 p.m. PT.