2022 champion and skin series rework survey is now available. Where to vote?

Riot provides the community with two surveys for the champion and skin series rework.

Riot Games is once again providing the community with a survey on the champion that should receive a rework in 2022. Last year, Udyr was chosen, whose new version should be released this season, and now we can choose another character.

In addition, players can choose their favorite skin theme to be taken care of by Riot employees and released during the season. Where and by when can we vote?

Two polls in 2022

Another year, another “choose-a-champ” VGU poll. We’re still working hard on Udyr, but once he’s done, we’re ready to get started on another champion. And the polls are open.

You have until 11:59 pm PT on January 19 to vote. You may cast your vote directly in the League client. But choose wisely, because your vote cannot be changed after submission.

We’ve selected five champions we see as high-priorities for updates and we’re committed to working on whichever one you choose. It’ll take a few months to get rolling on development, but once we do, you can expect regular check-ins like we’ve been doing with recent updates. This way we can collect your thoughts and feedback as we go so we can make sure we get it right, especially for mains who already love these champs.

In addition, voting will also apply to three skin themes: Arclight, Gothic, Infernal. As with heroes, the poll will also appear in the League of Legends client.

To vote, go to the “Season 2022” tab, which is on the customer’s home page, and then select a specific poll. Remember that the vote is for one-time use and cannot be changed later.