The perfect deception of another player in Crab Game, a game based on Squid Game

Crab Game is incredibly popular, thanks to the fact that it is a production fully based on the concept and characteristic elements of Squid Game.

Crab Game is free at the moment, everyone can try their hand at the game that is incredibly popular on Twitch. Its concept makes it a perfect break between the next game in CS: GO or LoL.

The game also allows you to screw with others, sometimes there are really impressive games. One of them was shared by BoxBox.

How to fool an opponent?

BoxBox is a streamer who is mainly known for playing League of Legends and for being one of the best Riven mains in the world. While playing the Crab Game, he met another streamer. The game was about passing the charge over to each other, if you had it for too long your character exploded.

BoxBox knew this very well, so he invited the streamer over, saying that he did not want to eliminate him. It turned out to be just a tactic:


Crab Game will be popular for some time to come. You can guess, however, that overnight the community attached to this gameplay concept will begin to melt. Unless the developers release new game modes and treat their production as, for example, Fall Guys.