The starter pack for season 3, chapter 4 of Fortnite. This is what the upcoming skin looks like

The launch package is a regular feature of every new season. This time is no different.

Leakers even before the launch of the servers or the update as such show what the upcoming launch pack is supposed to look like. This one is not very “colorful,” but that makes it likely to find its supporters.

On the other hand, it simply looks like a reskin of the Jules skin. Well, there’s no denying that Epic here was tempted to take a shortcut.

New starter package

The starter package includes as standard:

  • a skin,
  • a backpack,
  • a pickaxe,
  • V-Bucks.

The skin is pleasant to the eye, it does not stand out in any particular way, but it does the job. Additional cosmetic items are already much more interesting. They have a rather original shape and a color scheme that fits the current season.