The Samsung store confirmed a leak about a free skin, glider and pickaxe for Fortnite

There seem to be no major doubts. A free skin is coming to Fortnite.

We informed some time ago that a free skin may be introduced to the game. All this is part of the friend recruiting system. Now, these leaks are starting to prove themselves. It turns out that the announcement has already been placed in the official Samsung store.

This one should not be activated, but as per usual, someone has decided to publish it prematurely. As a result, the players saw what it was supposed to look like in the end.

Free skin for recruiting friends

Although a special link has also been added, this one is not active yet. It is known, however, that it is about recruiting friends, i.e. specifically inviting them to play Fortnite. There will probably be several different stages, because the skin is to be the final award.

So there will probably be more prizes to be won:

  • Glider,
  • Pickaxe,
  • Wrap,
  • Skin.

It is difficult to say whether it will matter how many players we recruit, or whether the rewards depend on the levels they reach. It is still not known when this action will start, but you can guess that it will be soon.