The new weapon in Fortnite “Sideways Scythe” causes a lot of controversy. Is it too strong?

With today’s update, Fortnite introduced a new weapon.

The introduced scythe is really strong, although it doesn’t deal incredibly much damage. It seems to make sense once it’s already strong enough. It allows you to perform several types of attacks, as well as dashes.

The weapon is located in the Sideways zones, the best way to get it is by opening purple chests:

A new weapon in Fortnite

The scythe is used for hand-to-hand combat, it is hard to say at the moment if it is over buffed, but it can be very strong in the right hands. Gamers are already complaining that it can do a lot of tricks and is just OP, so it may be a bit nerfed soon.

You have at your disposal:

  • Basic Attack,
  • Dash,
  • Smash attack.

It is definitely an interesting way to play, but few people will be able to use this weapon. How does it look in action?