The Fortnite trailer has been delayed. What does this mean for players, is there anything to worry about?

Epic is definitely working under a lot of pressure. It always gets hot at the end of the season.

The end of chapter 2 passes players rather calmly. Relatively little happens, one could say that there is even general boredom. At least for these several dozen hours. But as leakers say, it was not supposed to be like that.

It started with a Fortnite x Jordan collaboration that for some reason came out a day later than planned. Leakers were convinced that it would be available on November 28 or 29, while the skins were only seen yesterday.

What’s more, there is still no official announcement of this cooperation, so the whole thing still functions only as a leak.

And this is not the only delay

We are not in the habit of writing about the trailers, but the person responsible for the music for the Fortnite trailer announced that it would appear 2 days ago, or yesterday. Meanwhile, Epic released nothing.

It’s not anything amazing but in connection with the collaboration with the Jordan brand, it’s a bit of a concern for the community. The cooperation has not been announced, and there is still no trailer for the end of the season. The songwriter later explained that he didn’t know exactly when the full trailer would be out.

At the moment, there are no serious concerns about the date of the event or the start of the new season. The trailer may appear in a few hours, as well as on Friday, the day before the event.