The first look at the new skin as part of the Fortnite Crew. A skin, a pickaxe, a backpack and a wrap

Leakers have discovered the look of the upcoming Fortnite Crew.

Update 19.10 contains many more different kinds of surprises than you might expect. Yesterday, many different cosmetic items were deciphered, including the Green Goblin from the Spiderman universe – CLICK.

One of the skins is of course the upcoming Fortnite Crew. This will be awarded to players early next month, but it is already known if it is worth investing in. The full appearance was deciphered along with cosmetic items.

Fortnite Crew for February 2022

First, items without presentation directly in the game:

Leakers didn’t stop there and the skin was presented on each side. So far, this particular Crew is getting really good opinions. You can see that the players liked it:

It is relatively simple, neat and slim. The only problem that players notice is the protruding element on the headgear, which can irritate people who like maximum minimalism.