The “area” of the new map for Fortnite Chapter 3. Epic smuggled that in in today’s announcement

Emotions have subsided, so it’s time for some standard summary information.

With today’s announcement, there is no doubt that chapter 3 is coming. There is even a counter showing the exact start date in the game. According to official information, it will be December 4.

Let us remind you that participation in the new event guarantees you will receive two cosmetic items:

  • Loading screen
  • Wrap

Also, if you enter the game now, you’ll get a free XP.

The area of the new map of chapter 3

Leakers and the Fortnite community overall have realized that Epic has quietly revealed the “terrain” of the new map. From the beginning, it seemed strange that the developers added something like this:

It looks cool, but what is it for? It turns out that in this way it was possible to quietly announce something like a volcano? Among other things, Shiina writes about it:

In fact, after inverting it, it looks like this:

Going further in and detailing the entire trailer:

There is a high probability that this is the territory of the new Fortnite Chapter 3 map, it would be very Epic Games style.