Season 1 of Chapter 4 of Fortnite officially with revised end date. When will it end?

Season 1 will end on a different day than Epic reported. Interestingly, this time it was not extended.

Usually, the ends of seasons were delayed. This time Epic has decided to shorten season 1 of chapter 4. This information is not a leak, it was officially announced on Fortnite social media.

Originally, the season was supposed to end around March 10, while Epic has now let it be known that this date is becoming obsolete. The end of the season will take place dozens of hours earlier.

When is the end of season 1 chapter 4?

The end of the season has been scheduled for March 8. Of course, this may still change due to time zones, while if it stays March 8, it is Wednesday. The new season will probably start either on the same day or not until the following day.

It’s a bit strange that Epic decided to organize the end of the season in the middle of the week, but well, one can only hope that these will be normal hours for most countries outside the US.