Leaks show what the shoes coming to Fortnite should look like. Everything that is known

Yesterday, there was information on the network that Epic will work with a certain fashion brand.

HYPEX, Fortnite’s most popular leaker, announced yesterday that Epic will be partnering with a fashion brand.

It quickly turned out that the files contained shoes that clearly indicate who the cooperation would take place with. However, the leakers themselves are not convinced that the two are connected with each other.

Shoes in Fortnite files

If it is indeed the same, then expect Fortnite x Jordan announcement today.

The shoes themselves are not everything, apparently there are also basketball mechanics involved here. Unfortunately, there are no details.

Shiina mentions that, according to them, this is not the collaboration that other leakers, including HYPEX, have talked about. So you can expect something to be announced today. What exactly? This is not known.