In the Fortnite store, you have two things for free that are worth redeeming

Today, two items appeared in the Fortnite store for free. Anyone can get them without any hidden restrictions.

Epic rarely provides this kind of stuff for free, so it’s worth knowing about it. Well, okay, they may not be skins, but at least they are not “emojis” either. You can pick up a backpack and an emote.

There are no challenges, no going to sites, and no logging into external services. You enter the Fortnite store and pick up the two items available.

For free in Fortnite

The first thing is a backpack, it may not look very cool, but if you have absolutely nothing else, why not.

The emote isn’t amazing either, but it’s for free, so it’s a fair price. Time is quite short, so it’s worth taking care of it now.

There’s nothing more to it, it’s simply two items and that’s it. These are given out as part of World Accessibility Awareness Day, hence the design of the backpack.