How does Fortnite’s new Healing Item, Box Pizza, work? It can be very strong

Epic has added a new healing item to Creative too early, allowing everyone to see how it works.

Pizza will come to Fortnite as a separate item. This is indicated by the challenges related to it. According to leakers, it can be a really powerful source of healing. The skillful use of pizza will indeed be one of the main sources of HP regen.

At this point, the item is not available in normal modes, but will likely be in an upcoming update. For now, it can be tested in the creative mode.

Pizza in Fortnite

There are some interesting items in the files, including the submachine gun, which Shiina, one of the popular leakers, shows in the material below. In addition, it showed the effect of a pizza, or rather a box with a pizza inside.


Epic has been focusing heavily on all healing items lately. In this update alone, two have been added, and there are several more in the files. These are simple items in the form of special “fruits”, but also mechanics that provide area healing.