Gigachad vs Epic Games. Fortnite community won’t be happy with developers’ decision

Epic Games occasionally holds contests in which players can send in suggestions for cosmetic items to be included in the game.

Epic’s latest contest allowed players to send in suggestions of what could be introduced into Fortnite in the form of graffiti. The most popular suggestion was Gigachad, which is hardly surprising.

Everyone immediately picked up the concept, and the only concern was really copyright issues. It turned out that these were not a problem. Unfortunately, Gigachad was ultimately rejected.

Gigachad will not appear in Fortnite

The official reason given by Epic is that this graphic is combined with negative backgrounds. This means so much that Gigachad has no chance of appearing in the game.

Sigma will also not appear, but here it is strictly through copyright issues. So the most popular proposals have fallen out of the event entirely.