From now on, Fortnite players will be banned forever for doing this. Epic is pissed off

Epic knew about this problem and a solution has just appeared. All those who are caught doing this must expect a permanent ban.

At the very beginning of Fortnite, everyone was delighted with how effectively Epic works against cheaters or people who choose to use various kinds of boosters. Over time, however, it became apparent that even hardware locks could be circumvented.

Epic knew this and now a new rule is being introduced. If someone tries to circumvent a hardware ban, then he or she must expect to have their related accounts blocked.

Ban for using tools that enable this

If Epic detects that you are using tools that allow you to change, or hide, so-called “hardware identifiers,” you will get a perma ban, in a nutshell. At first, Epic will be gracious and ask you to disable such software.

After that, however, things will not be so nice. Subsequent attempts to bypass the received ban may end in a perma ban. That is, one way or another, one will still get a ban.

This will certainly have a positive effect on the fairness of the game. In the next few days or weeks, you will see a decrease in cheaters. Of course, the fight against cheaters is a constant arms race, so in some time there will probably be a way to get around Epic’s security again.