Fortnite season 4 leaks. What the most popular leakers in the world report

Season 4 is fast approaching. Leakers are slowly starting to summarize what is known about it.

This is the beginning of the period when unconfirmed leaks appear on 4chan and other websites. Instead of mentioning them, it is worth focusing primarily on what those reliable leakers are giving us, who are most often right.

Of course, you have to approach it with a pinch of salt. Some things Epic may have given up on, others are yet to be revealed. So far, there are a few points to focus on.

Some leaks for Fortnite season 4

Of the more certain things that were given by HYPEX, for example, we can find:

How many of these will see the light of day? Probably quite a lot. Epic has everything ready and that’s good because Fortnite really needs new stuff introduced.