Epic has once again pissed off Fortnite players with its latest decision

Epic concluded several hours ago that it had to retire a mechanic that was rated as one of the best.

Epic sometimes makes rather strange decisions that only make some sense after time. Such is the case here. For some reason, the developers decided that they wanted to turn off one of the core mechanics.

Unofficially, the reason is supposed to be to preserve the consistency of gameplay. What does this mean specifically? The developers don’t want ranked modes to be much different from regular ones.

What has been turned off?

In ranking modes, but also in tournaments, the so-called siphons have been disabled. This is a healing mechanic for elimination.

Gamers are taking this quite hard, asking Epic to reverse this decision. Of course, the chances of Epic changing its mind are incredibly small, even nonexistent. Developers have so far practically never changed their minds. And if they did, they did it after a few weeks or months.