Epic employees complain that they have a ridiculous amount of work on Fortnite. What’s coming up to the game?

This is the first time Epic employees have admitted how hard this week has been for them.

It is very rare for Epic employees to write anything about their responsibilities. This time, however, two seniors directly write that they have an absurd amount of work. What could this mean for Fortnite? Of course the news.

This is specifically about programmers, so you can guess that it’s all about the next chapter or the event.

A ridiculous amount of work

Thanks to leakers, we know that Epic is already working on the update marked as 19.10. So the studio is much ahead. It can then be assumed that the developers are finishing the event at the end of season 8.

Is it good that a higher pace has been imposed? Hard to say. Certainly, the studio has a lot of work to do, and rushing in the case of Fortnite and such huge events is not advisable.

At this point, it can be safely assumed that Epic is not idle, but it is still not really known what the developers are working so hard on at the moment.