Epic bans Fortnite players for exploiting these bugs. The end of inconsistency

Until now, Epic has in no way punished people who took advantage of bugs on XP. Well, that has apparently come to an end.

Yesterday, many people on Twitter showed that Epic had banned their Fortnite accounts. The bans are temporary and seem to be to be taken as a last warning. Completely random players and even the biggest accounts are not writing about it:

According to what we read, it involves yet another type of bug that involved playing unreleased game modes.

Bans for 12 hours

Bans are temporary, Epic grants them for about 12 hours, so they are somehow not incredibly severe. However, this is just a warning – Epic may ban permanently in the future, so you should think twice before you decide to use XP bugs.

Developers continue to take a selective approach, with some mistakes being penalized and others passing completely without consequences. It’s hard to find a specific pattern here. Certainly, recently Epic revoked XP gained by bugs, in this case they decided to impose temporary blocks. What will happen next?