A new collaboration with skins, backpacks and emotes is to be announced in Fortnite today

According to leakers, a new collaboration will be announced in the Fortnite world today.

It is not known what time yet, but potentially around 9-11 am, a new Fortnite partnership is to be announced. Thanks to it, new cosmetic items will enter the game, and perhaps also something more.

It is about another Fortnite x Jordan cooperation. According to leakers, today some of them will receive new skins, while cosmetic items will hit the store on December 2.

What is known about cooperation?

Some time ago, photos of Fortnite x Jordan appeared on the network, then it was strictly about shoes with which you could interact.

It’s hard to say if this has anything to do with past Epic documents that spoke of a mini-game in the form of basketball, but there is a chance.

Shiina reports on her Twitter that we should expect:

  • New skins,
  • New backpacks,
  • An exclusive emote.

So far, there is no question here that Epic is working on any additional mode.

Leaker adds that probably some of the new skins will go to streamers and YouTubers today, while these items will not appear in the store until December 2.

For now, we have to wait for additional information, which will potentially appear in the afternoon.