28 free levels in Fortnite. The perfect way to level up at the end of the pass

This way is promoted by the biggest Fortnite leakers, so it’s believable. On the other hand, you need to be aware that it is a bug.

Using any bug can have consequences, while at the moment, due to the glitch, it is possible to raise your combat pass level by a good 28 levels in a few minutes. How? All you need to know is one bug.

Before talking about it, however, you really need to consider whether you care about your account. Epic has sometimes taken action against people who take advantage of such bugs. On the other hand, this happens relatively rarely.

28 levels for free

As Shiina writes, collecting tokens from the new challenge is buggy. As a result, a quick exit from the game gives two levels instead of one. It is possible to get a good 28 levels in a few minutes this way.

This can be useful, especially at the very end of the season, when players want to hit that 100th level. On the other hand, however, it comes with some risks.