2 Billion supercharged XP due to a bug in Fortnite. Epic has taken action for the first time

A few hours ago there was a very big bug in Fortnite related to extra XP points.

There was a major bug last night that allowed the masses of XP to be gathered very quickly. Taking advantage of the exploit was trivial, as all you had to do was do the right little things on specific Discord servers.

The bug worked and it seemed that it would be exactly the same as in all other cases, that is, people would get XP and Epic would do absolutely nothing. Here, however, things are different.

Bugs for XP

XP bugs by default are quite a few, but the big ones are relatively rare.

According to available information, Epic has taken action against those who took advantage of it. The accounts were not banned, but the developers have taken away the XP that players had gained using the exploit. In the end it appears that no one benefited.