How much will F1 drivers earn for the 2022 season and how much have they earned in 2021? These numbers may surprise you

F1 drivers’ salaries for 2022 have been revealed. Compared to 2021, the numbers have increased significantly.

All people who are privy to the world of Formula 1 know that one season can make a driver a millionaire. This is, of course, due to the fact that players receive really huge salaries.

It is currently known how much money they will earn for the 2022 season. Interestingly, many of them will receive a higher salary than in 2021.

At the very top, of course, is Lewis Hamilton

Below you can see the table that shows the salaries of F1 drivers. Of course, Lewis Hamilton is at the top of the list, followed closely by Max Verstappen. The leading Mercedes rider received the biggest raise, as much as $ 10 million. His teammate George Russel may also be pleased, as he will receive as much as $ 5 million instead of $ 1 million as in 2021.

Position Team Driver 2022 Earnings 2021 Earnings
1. Mercedes Lewis Hamilton $40 mln $30 mln
2. Red Bull Max Verstappen $25 mln $25 mln
3. Alpine Fernando Alonso $20 mln $20 mln
4. Aston Martin Sebastian Vettel $15 mln $15 mln
5. McLaren Daniel Ricciardo $15 mln $15 mln
6. Ferrari Charles Leclerc $12 mln $12 mln
7. Ferrari Carlos Sainz $10 mln $10 mln
8. Alfa Romeo Valtteri Bottas $10 mln $10 mln
9. Aston Martin Lance Stroll $10 mln $10 mln
10. Red Bull Sergio Perez $8 mln $8 mln
11. Mercedes George Russell $5 mln $1 mln
12. McLaren Lando Norris $5 mln $5 mln
13. Alpine Esteban Ocon $5 mln $5 mln
14. Alpha Tauri Pierre Gasly $5 mln $5 mln
15. Williams Alexander Albon $2 mln
16. Alfa Romeo Guanyu Zhou $1 mln
17. Williams Nicholas Latifi $1 mln $1 mln
18. Haas Mick Schumacher $1 mln $1 mln
19. Haas Nikita Mazepin $1 mln $1 mln
20. Alpha Tauri Yuki Tsunoda $750 thousand $500 thousand

The earnings of Formula 1 drivers may be shocking, although it is well known that this sport is really expensive, so drivers’ salaries must be high enough. People like Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc are especially wealthy, mainly because they live in Monaco. This country is a true tax haven because extremely low taxes are levied there.

It is certainly difficult to imagine the fortunes of Formula 1 drivers who take part in successive seasons from year to year and receive such huge sums of money. Undoubtedly, these funds are enough to live a dignified life for the next few generations.