What did Twitter say after Facebook crashed yesterday? All new ones were greeted politely

Yesterday, Facebook and other related applications stopped working for a good six hours. So everyone switched to Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram, and other related apps had serious technical problems yesterday that completely shut down most social media from use. Today everything is already working, but evidently, the crash caused some people to create new accounts on Twitter, which at that time was the only one that worked normally.

What did Twitter write to Facebook?

It was to be expected that Twitter itself would somehow refer to yesterday’s crash, and it actually happened. A greeting appeared on the official profile.

Of course, other brands joined it, including McDonald’s, who asked if Twitter would like to order something.

Will this crash make Twitter even more popular? This is not known. The platform has its fans who are divided into different communities, while people still repeat that Twitter lacks several options, including groups. Communicating only with tags can be troublesome.