Twitch streamer’s 6th ban for “showing views.” These shots are a masterpiece

This is the 6th ban for a similar reason. This is clearly already testing limits for future generations.

There’s a pretty good chance that this is a permanent ban – the streamer seems to have specifically tested Twitch’s limits, getting several bans altogether for the same thing. This time, it’s probably about the general vibe of her streams.

No clips were removed after the ban, so it’s probably about oil meta. The streamer was doing IRL streams, showing “views.”

Such views were shown

The main “attraction” of her broadcast was the streamer’s two arguments. She showed the surroundings in such a way as to show mainly herself:


The presentation of food was done in the same atmosphere as the showing of the area.


This did not happen once, and the streamer has bent the rules quite a bit during recent streams.


The streamer must have been aware that she was treading on thin ice because she wrote yesterday:

And after some time she was banned, potentially even permanently.

Of course, she is not the only girl who deals with this type of content. The oil meta is doing well, but it is mainly used by pool streamers.


Why? The point here is to defend that it is not oil, but water. Just highlighting “arguments” is against the rules.